1 Mar

smeared thick on my lips
rolled ‘round on my tongue
dripping from my fingers
slathered bar-b-que

a squeeze to cut the residue

© 3.1.11


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21 Feb

pounding on the gate of discovery
not to be let in
but to break through

learning is a full-contact endeavor

© 2.21.11


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10 Feb


© 2.10.11


24 Jan

when the wick has burned to char
may mine be called
a life eyes open

© 1.24.11


27 Dec

in the waning of the 13th moon
rises the empowered soul
the alpha child of truth
birthed in possibility

spark of the embarking flame
which will be struck
at the darkest hour
to light the new beginning

© 12.27.10


26 Dec

one cannot unstrike a blow
one cannot untell a lie
one cannot undo a wrong
one cannot unbreak a heart

© 12.26.10

the gift

25 Dec

wonder breaks with the dawn
peace befalls the troubled
empty hearts grow hopeful
for a moment
magic happens

© 12.25.10

the eve

24 Dec

the night is at hand
children lay hushed and waiting
dreaming miracles

love has taken to the sky
the joy as deep as snowfall

© 12.24.10


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23 Dec

the young man set out eagerly
filled with expectation
seeking adventure
drunk with wonder

after a considerable journey
he came upon an old man
and inquired as to where he was

where do you want to be
asked the old man

I’m not really certain
answered the youth

then it appears you have arrived
responded the old man
with a smile

© 12.23.10

too soon

22 Dec

time is a stealth thief
it pilfers slow and quiet
with a thorough hand

youth is a glorious day
but too soon comes the sunset

© 12.22.10